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 Sexual Positions
"Riding The Horse" Position

The man supports himself on palms and soles. First the woman rides on her lover inserting deeply his erect penis in her vagina. After this she turns to the right and places her right leg under the left leg of her lover and draws down her body leaning either on one palm or on both palms. Then she places the other leg with the sole on the man's chest.

The woman is active in this position, making coming and going movements. The man responds to woman's movements by moving his pelvis in order to penetrate the entire vagina of his lover.

"Riding the horse" position gives intense pleasure to both lovers and amplifies the passion of lovemaking.

Both lovers have to concentrate their attention around the navel in order to sublimate the sexual energy in subtle fire. In this way the lovers will be full of energy and passion.

"Pincers From The Front" Position
Here it is another so-called resting position for the man, whose virile member is skilfully massaged by the woman from the front...
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"Climbing The Tree" Position - Variant 2
This is one of the most beautiful positions from the Kama Sutra. The woman standing next to the man wraps her legs...
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