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Daily PORN Stories

My Nasty Secret

Sharon and I are having dinner at a restaurant in our beach side hotel. The sea breeze is warm and the night sky crystal clear. Sharon is wearing a short evening dress, stay-up stockings, high heels and frilly lace g-string with no bra. I am wearing a light suit with no underwear. During the dinner our feet play against each other's leg. Our hands every so often stroke a thigh moving ever closer to the top. I see Sharon's nipples are firm under her dress. I drop my fork on the floor and move down to pick it up. When my head is below the table she slightly opens her legs to give me a clear view of her hairless lace covered pussy. I place my hand on her leg and she legs widens them some more. I move my hand up so my fingers lightly brush her g-string. She shivers and feels her juices start to flow. Goose bumps cover her body and her nipples push hard against her dress.

I come back up from under the table and look into her eyes. That look of lust and desire. I get the waiters attention and ask to pay the bill. Sharon moves closer to me and places her hand onto my hardness. It jumps when she runs a fingernail along its length. Even when the waiter delivers the bill and I sign the slip her hand traces the outline of my hardness.

We move off to the elevator to go to our room on the top floor. Luckily my jacket covers my hardness. The elevator doors close behind us, we embrace and kiss each other passionately. Our hands roaming all over each other trying to feel every part. My mouth moves down her neck to her breasts leaving a wet trail. Gently I suck one, then the other nipple into my mouth while my tongue flicks them. My hands push firmly against her bum; gently massaging and squeezing those firm smooth buttocks. My fingers trace the outline of her knickers. I pull her towards me so she can feel my bulge against her.

Sharon reaches out and pushes the stop button. The elevator stops. I drop to my knees and start to lick her through the lace knickers. They are soaked with her juices, and I smell her warm musky scent. My hands move under her dress and play with her bum cheeks, slightly pulling them apart. My fingers touch her button and feel her wet pussy. I move the lace to one side and push my tongue into her fanny. Sharon's hands grab my head and pull it into her. She grinds her pussy into my face as I push my tongue deeper into her. Sharon can feel herself start to cum. Harder and harder she pulls my face into her until she cums. Her pussy contracts and her juices flow and cover my face. I slowly lick up all her juices until she relaxes.

The elevator starts to move again and stops at our floor. We exit and move straight into our suite and onto the balcony. We almost tear each other's clothing. Sharon hands move straight to my rock hard member and she starts to pull it. We kiss again. She can taste herself on my face. Quickly she drops to her knees and takes my length in her mouth. She takes it all the way in. Deep into her throat. I moan. She starts to move her head back and forth with one hand pumping me and the other squeezing my balls. My hips move back and forth and Sharon quickens the pace. My balls tighten and I can feel my juices boil. Sharon slows down and she relaxes her grip. She doesn't want my seed yet.

Sharon stands up and moves to the balcony and grabs hold of the railing and bends over. I kneel behind her and push my tongue deep inside her. Sharon moves her bum up and down whilst my tongue laps at her. Enough of this, I stand up grab her hips and push my member deep inside her. My balls slap hard against her as I push myself into her. Sharon pushes back into me when I drive into her. We can both feel our juices boiling again. I quicken the pace and she begs me to shoot my seed inside her. Faster and faster I plunge into her pussy, until I explode. Sending my cum deep inside her. I pull out of her, still rigid and lay down.

Sharon wants more and straddles me placing her dripping pussy onto my mouth and she takes my shaft into her mouth. She grinds into my face, covering it with my seed mixed with her juices, until she reaches another orgasm. Meanwhile her mouth is sucking the remaining cum from my shaft. She won't let my manhood go soft. Sharon wants more.

We eat each other for sometime, enjoying the delicious taste. Sharon rolls off me and reclines on the sofa and opens her legs wide for me. I lay on top of her and push my hardness deep into her again. As we are screwing, we see another couple on the balcony next to us watching and playing with each other. This makes us hotter. Knowing we're being watched we slow down and move so they can see us more clearly. We screw this way for another 20 minutes and Sharon cums twice more.

We move into the 69 position again and suck, lick chew and taste each other again. We can see the other couple rocking in the moonlight and are really getting hot.

I move Sharon so she is on all fours and then I push my cock against her back passage. Slowly but surely I push my cock into her tight bum. I can see the other couple get really turned on watching us. Sharon looks over her shoulder at me and tells me to pump her. I start to ram my hardness in and out of her while she grabs my balls and pulls on them hard. Harder and harder, faster and faster we screw until I can feel my seed start to cum. Just before I cum I pull out of her and she spins around and lays on her back. Sharon opens her mouth as my cock spits its seed all over her face, into her mouth, some landing on her tits. I pump my cock to get everything out. Sharon swallows what's in her mouth and then pulls my shaft into her mouth and sucks the last drops out.

Sharon finishes sucking me and we watch the other couple as he sends his seed onto her face and tits. We look at each other and decide we should invite them over. To be continued...