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My Friends the Allens -- Aunt Kate

Last summer Pat and Julie Allen and I went on a pilgrimage to Boston. On the way, we stopped for a few days to visit their Aunt Kate at her big white house in suburban Massachusetts. Aunt Kate is a tall slim woman with dark hair slightly touched with grey, and smile lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth. She welcomed us most cordially to her house, hugging the girls warmly, and shaking my hand with a strong friendly grip. My first impression of her was that she must have been quite a beauty when she was younger. Pat and Kate made dinner while Julie and I unpacked some of our things into one of the upstairs bedrooms. Dinner in the big oak-paneled dining room was a pleasure. Kate's voice is low and intelligent, and I found that she has a wiser and more mature version of the bedroom eyes that first attracted me to her nieces. As we all sat and talked and laughed over drinks, I revised my first impression: Kate is quite a beauty NOW. We moved to the study. As the three ladies sat playing Destiny (a complex card game whose rules are apparently a family secret), I dozed in an armchair, stuffed and comfortable. I began to fantasize about what Kate might look like under her long cotton dress and loose white blouse, and I wondered if mentally undressing the hostess is rude, especially if one is fifteen or twenty years younger than she is. Remembering some of the stories Pat tells that involve Aunt Kate, I decided she probably wouldn't mind.

The next morning was hot. Pat and Julie and I spent most of it in the pool behind the house, swimming and splashing and sunning. Just before lunch, Kate came out, and I found myself staring in admiration. In a marvelously revealing black and red two-piece suit, she was quite an eyeful. Her stomach is firm and flat, her breasts quiet curves. Her skin is tan and lightly wrinkled, and a few blue veins curve here and there on the backs of her long trim legs. When the sisters announced they were going into town for the afternoon, I was glad to follow Julie's whispered request to "Stay and keep Aunt Kate company; and be nice!". I didn't intend to be anything more than nice, of course.

When Kate started to put on sunblock, it was only polite to offer to help. She accepted with a smile, and stretched out on her stomach on one of the padded lounge chairs. I rubbed the cream into her shoulders and her arms, and the tanned muscles of her back. And it was only natural to suggest that she allow me to undo the strap holding her top on, since it was in the way. She was silent for a moment, and when she said "Why, sure!", there was a laugh in her voice. Her bare back was smooth and firm and felt quite erotic under my hands. The bottom of her suit was tied in a knot at one hip; when I suggested removing that also, she was silent for a little longer, and her voice even more amused when she agreed, and raised up her hips to help. Then I was rubbing the lotion into her naked buttocks, running my hands a little greedily over the backs of her thighs and knees. I could feel my cock beginning to swell, and I told myself it was time to get under control. Then I was done with her back, and I'm sure I would have tied her suit back on. But she turned over.

She stretched out naked on the lounge, reaching her hands up over her head. She was long and slim and tan, and my cock was not at all worried about her age. "Now the front," she said calmly, and closed her eyes and smiled. I swallowed hard, and applied the cream to her shoulders and her upper chest. Her breasts moved lightly as I rubbed around them, long dark nipples gradually coming erect. I did her stomach and hips, and she rolled her legs slightly apart so I could get at her inner thighs. As I worked my way down to her knees and calves, I noticed that the dark hair between her legs had not a trace of grey. Mixed with the smell of the lotion was just a hint of the scent of woman. I decided I'd missed some rather important spots, and putting more cream on my palms, I took her breasts in my hands, gently working in the lotion, rubbing the tan skin, and running my fingers over the long nipples. Kate squirmed slightly on the lounge, her face relaxed and happy. Her eyes opened. "That was very nice; thanks!" she said. I took a deep breath, persuaded my hands to leave her body, and stood up. "Now take off your trunks," she continued. When my eyes widened, she sat up and laughed, "Turnabout is fair play!"

I turned away from her, slipped off my trunks, and lay face down on the other lounge, hoping my cock would calm down before it was time to turn over. That was a vain hope, though. Kate straddled me energetically, her thighs warmly rubbing my sides, as her hands applied the cool cream. Now and then as she did my back, I could feel the hairs between her legs tickling the backs of my knees. When she turned me over, my cock sprang up, but she was polite enough to take no notice. She straddled me again, and ran her confident hands over my bare chest. I closed my eyes to shut out the vision of her naked body on top of me, and to try to control my lust. As her hands circled down my stomach and thighs, and one lightly caressed my balls, I seriously wondered what was going on. Was this gorgeous older woman just friendly and uninhibited about bodies, or was this as erotic for her as it was for me? Then her lips slid around my cock, and I had no more questions.

I gasped in surprise and pleasure as she took me into her warm mouth; her lips slid, soft and dry, over the swollen ridges of my erection. She slowly slid me out again, and whispered, "Do you mind?" I assured her that I didn't; soon, her expert licking and sucking had me rock-hard and aching. She moved up, her hot naked body sliding against mine, and straddled my hips, her thighs spread wide apart over my cock. I caressed her bare hips, her thighs, and her firm ass as she guided me into her open pussy. She was only slightly wet, and as I entered her the flesh of her cunt sliding along my shaft made me ache with desire. Kate lay on top of me, my staff buried deep inside her. Her breasts with their long dark nipples pressed against my chest, and her head was next to mine. She rocked her hips gently, sliding herself up and down my throbbing cock. Her breath was excited but controlled in my ear, somewhere between a gasp and a laugh. With my hands on her ass, I moved slowly in and out of her, enjoying every inch of our touching sweating bodies. "Oh, you just keep doing that, oh just like that," she whispered in my ear. "Yes, ma'am," I gasped back, smiling "yes, ma'am, oh YES ma'am!" Her cunt was hot and deep, smooth and muscular; the cunt of an athlete. As I penetrated her more and more deeply, her body responded eagerly and hungrily, her muscles tightening and squeezing around my swollen penis. She began to rock faster, and moaned through parted lips. As her pace quickened, my cock grew bigger and longer, and the ache of pleasure became more unbearable. I could feel the cum gathering in me.

By unspoken agreement, we slowed down the pace of our fucking; her hips moved as slowly as she could bear, her moans became more and more desparate. I thrust in and out of her sweet slit as slowly as my body would allow. We made the pleasure last as long as we could, until she began to come with a long anguished moan, and closed her mouth over mine, sharing our first kiss as the walls of her cunt squeezed and sucked at me. As my tongue hungrily probed her mouth, and she passed over the peak of her orgasm, the muscles of my cock escaped my control, and I thrust into her faster and harder, provoking cries of pleasure as I swelled and hardened and burst and came. She moved her hips fast and demanding, to bring every last drop of cum out into the dark softness of her pussy. Hot needles of ecstasy shot through my cock, up my spine and into my brain. Eventually, she slipped her head down next to mine again, and we lay for a long time, just enjoying the hot silent pressure of body on body. My cock, spent, slipped out from between her legs. After awhile, she kissed me gently on the mouth, and dove into the pool. I joined her, and we spent the next hour splashing around, washing the juices of love from our bodies, and cooling off. Then we went in to make dinner. As she was slipping into her robe, I took her in my arms and kissed her, running my hands again over her delicious naked body, squeezing and pressing her flesh and probing her mouth with my tongue. She stepping back, shuddering with supressed passion, tied up her robe, and grinned almost impishly at me. Soon after, Pat and Julie got home, and although we all exchanged significant looks of various kinds, and there was perhaps even a little more laughter than usual, no one said anything about what Kate and I had been doing that afternoon. The rest of the visit was very pleasant indeed, and a good time was had by all.

The End